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Frozen Run Black Bear Mountain Birch

Frozen Run Black Bear Mountain Birch

You can pretty much call this beverage the catalyst for the creation of this community. A few years back I was travelling with a group of my friends through Western Maryland when we had to stop for gas. Stopping at this no name gas station and general store, we all went in to get refreshments and such. My friends went for what they would normally get anywhere, Pepsi, Gatorade, Sprite, etc. While I of course tried to find whatever I couldn't normally find back at home. Luckily I ran across this elixir, Frozen Run. I was perplexed a bit since I've never seen a clear birch beer before (up to that point, I've only ever seen them red or brown.) Upon trying this drink my friends and I cleaned the store out of whatever bottles of it they had in their cooler! It was then that they thought I should maybe make a website of some sort that describes/critiques different sodas from all over the country and where ever else since that's what I do. And so here we are!

Enough about all that, "how does it taste?" you're asking! Really good, actually. Having never had a clear or "white" birch beer as they are called before, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was at least hoping that it would taste somewhat like birch beer. Well, it does . . . and it doesn't! You see, traditional birch beer is made from the oil from the birch tree bark; usually the Black Brich. Clear or White birch beer is made from wintergreen oil from the Sweet Birch. So while it's still a beverage from a birch tree, it's still rather different from other birch beers. It's got a nice amount of bite. Not too sweet and the wintergreen has an almost minty taste to it. Don't miss out on this if you find it! Having been the first birch beer of this kind I've ever tried, this is the benchmark for me for this particular beverage. And what tasty benchmark it is!

Sweetened With: "High Fructose Corn Syrup"

Verdict: worth a case or two
Tags: birch beer, corn sweetened, frozen run
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