Dustin, Hrair-roo (yuushi) wrote in bubbly_goodness,
Dustin, Hrair-roo

Sunkist Float

Sunkist Float

The other drink I happened upon in that deli/market on Cottman Ave in the Abington/Elkins Park area of PA. Like I said before, I'm not really into the whole orange cream soda that much, so I wasn't expecting a lot out of this.

I was at least expecting it to be carbonated, though. Like the bottle of A&W Float that I bought with it, no bubbles whatsoever! Which is a shame because it didn't taste half bad despite the lack of effervescence. Very orange-y and creamy, with a slight but noticeable vanilla flavor. Ah well, I really don't plan on trying this again since both floats that I got were flat!

Sweetened With: "sugar"

Verdict: worth trying at least once
Tags: sunkist float
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