Dustin, Hrair-roo (yuushi) wrote in bubbly_goodness,
Dustin, Hrair-roo

Crystal Club Birchcola

Crystal Club Birch Cola

Found this stuff while driving to NY in a market north of Scranton, PA off of I-81. Had never heard of Crystal Club sodas, and more than likely won't find this stuff outside of the Northeast PA area since the labels says "Crystal Soda Water Company, Scranton, PA." So this is truly a local flavor unless someone tells me that they found it in NY or NJ as well.

Why they call it Birch Cola rather than Birch Beer is beyond me, but hey, whatever. It's not like it's the difference between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer (though I will punch someone if I find a drink called "Birch Ale.") It's not a bad drink, despite Crystal Club's Root Beer tasting like Birch Beer to begin with. Has good bite, not too sweet, not creamy or heady in anyway though. All in all a good drink for the price, but not worth going out of your way to get.

Sweetened with: "Corn Sweeteners"

Verdict: Worth a can/bottle or two
Tags: birch beer, corn sweetened, crystal club
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