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Deerfield Trading Company Juicy Orange Cream

Deerfield Trading Company Juicy Orange Cream

Another in the Deerfield Trading Company "gourmet sodas" made exclusively for Walgreens. I've seen and tried a number of Orange Cream sodas for a while now and haven't been too fond of the flavor. I mean, I like creamsicles a lot, but these types of sodas just don't really emulate that flavor all that well. Still, since the sodas in this Deefield/Walgreens line have been pretty good, I was willing to give this flavoring a try again.

First thing that struck me was that it's so clear! I've never seen an orange soda which you could see straight through! When I first took a taste, the orange flavor hits you first then you get a good shot of vanilla. And it's pretty sweet. While it's better than the orange creams I've had in the past, it's still missing something. I think it could have use a little more tartness. A couple drops of citric acid would have done it well.

Sweetened With: "sugar"

Verdict: worth trying at least once
Tags: cream sodas, deerfield trading, fruit sodas, orange, orange cream, sugar sweetened
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