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Deerfield Trading Company Old Fashioned Root Beer

Deerfield Trading Company Old Fashioned Root Beer

Putzing through a Walgreen's pharmacy while on my way to the gym (needed some Muscle Milk and Power Bars for after workout don't ya know?), when I decided to wander down the aisle with the beverage coolers just for the hell of it. Glad that I did, because it seems like Walgreens has this new brand of "Gourmet Soda," (under this Deerfield Trading Company brand which, according to the label "is produced exclusively for Walgreens, CO.") one of which is this brew, Old Fashioned Root Beer.

It's glass bottled, so that's always a plus. Also it's 16 oz rather than 10 or 12 for most of these types of sodas. And most importanly (as subtitling the logo on the bottle), "no high fructose corn syrup." Well, first off, it's REALLY sweet. Not overwhelmingly so, but since it doesn't have a whole lot of bite, the sweetness definitely sticks out more. Has a good amount of "rooty" flavor, but without the bite, it's kinda lacking.

Sweetened With: "sugar"

Verdict: worth trying at least once
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