Dustin, Hrair-roo (yuushi) wrote in bubbly_goodness,
Dustin, Hrair-roo

O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

Turns out Home Goods is a pretty nice place to check out every few months as they tend to get some . . . pretty out there sodas there. Like this one--O-So Butterscotch Root Beer. Now . . . butterscotch? Never really thought that'd be an additional flavor to Root Beer, but here we are. Plus, label says "Since 1946" so it's apparently been around for a while.

Anyways, how's it taste? As I expected, it's a bit on the sweet side. The rooty flavor and butterscotch flavor hit you fast so for me it's a little overwhelming at first, but after a few sips, I got used to it. It's decent, if a little on the sweet side.

Sweetened With: "cane sugar"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two
Tags: o-so, root beer, sugar sweetened
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