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Natural Brew Draft Root Beer

Natural Brew Draft Root Beer

This one root beer pops up at most places that have sodas in their "natural" and/or "organic" section as I've seen it in a few stores, since it's supposed to be a "natural, hand crafted" root beer. I picked this one up at Whole Foods market . . . for a very inflated price. Might as well be buying regular beer for the price you pay for a 4 pack of this!

Needless to say, I had some high expectations for this overpriced concoction. Plus with all the flavors they list on the front ("sweet birch, licorice root, sarsaparilla, cinnamon, clove, anise and wintergreen") I was thinking this was either going to be really good, or just a mess of flavors in your mouth. Well, it's pretty darn good! Definitely a lot of "rooty" flavor in it and just the right amount of sweetness. Forms a decent head too. Could use a little more bite though. It's really kinda weak in that area. That's about the only bad thing I could say about it. Plus, I'm pretty good at tasting birch beer flavors when I taste them, but I couldn't really detect any of the "sweet birch" and "wintergreen" flavoring.

Sweetened With: "evaporated cane juice"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two
Tags: natural, natural brew, root beer, sugar sweetened
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