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Johnnie Ryan's Root Beer

Johnnie Ryan's Root Beer

It's always good to check in on Wegman's soda section since they like to bring in new things every now and then. For yesterday I found this line of sodas I'd never heard of before . . . Johnnie Ryan's. Which is an odd thing since the bottling says "Since/Depuis 1935." Since the bottling features English and French text (as well as being bottled out of Niagara Falls, NY) I can only assume that this is available in the US and Canada. They had several varieties, but wanted to pick this one up first, Root beer! Oh wait, my mistake . . . "Delicious Root Beer/Delicieux Racinette."

As for taste, it's really sweet. Thankfully, just shy of being sickeningly sweet for my tastebuds. Has a okay bite. Would have liked a little more from that to offset the sweetness, but it has a pretty good rooty flavor. Maybe even a little birch-like flavor (kinda like Crystal City Root Beer.) It's definitely above average.

Sweetened With: "pure cane sugar"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two
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