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Blue Sky Dr. Becker

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Blue Sky Dr. Becker

I've seen Blue Sky Natural sodas in several different places (only reviewed the Root Beer so far though), but I've never seen this variety. Had to assume that it was their take on Dr. Pepper, as most "takes" on that old soft drink always have "Dr." at the beginning of it. Since a sugar-sweetened Dr. Pepper is hard to come by (you can order it from Waco, TX, where the soda was born, but it's pricey!) I was looking forward to this one.

Well, it does taste similar to a Dr. Pepper, but closer to a cola flavor to my palate. It is a bit bitey and fruity like a Dr. Pepper, but yeah . . . I taste a lot of cola when I try it. Doesn't mean it tastes badly (to the contrary, it's pretty darn good), but just more cola than Dr. Pepper. Not surprising since the ingredients list "Natural Cola Berry Flavor." That's still kind of perplexing since I always thought "Kola" was a nut. Still, it's worth giving it a shot if you are a Dr. Pepper fan!

Sweetened With: "Real Sugar"

Verdict: Worth a can or two
Tags: blue sky, cola, fruit sodas, natural, other, sugar sweetened
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