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Sprecher Cherry Cola

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Sprecher Cherry Cola

Picked this one up at the same place I bought that Sprecher's Puma Kola. Apparently Sprecher's has some kind of animal thing going on for each of their products with the puma for the cola, there's a bear on this label (don't quite understand why the root beer has a crow on it.) Since their cola and root beer are pretty good, I was looking forward to this. Though I don't know what exactly "DOOR COUNTY CHERRY JUICE" is (it's on the bottom of the front of the label right after it says "made with") and what makes that better than any other cherry juice, but google "door county cherry" and you learn a few things. Anyways . . . how's it taste?

Thankfully, really darn good! This is probably the cherriest cherry cola I've ever had. Though the taste does remind me of Cherry Icee a bit. But still nice cola flavor (not as strong as their Puma Kola thankfully) complimented with sweet cherry flavor. Do get this if you can find it!

Sweetened With: "high fructose corn syrup, raw Wisconsin honey"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two
Tags: cherry, cola, corn sweetened, honey sweetened, sprecher
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