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Sprite Green

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Sprite Green

Went up to NYC recently with some friends. Made a trip out to St. Marks Market in the hopes of grabbing some Pepsi Natural (since it's only available in certain areas.) I didn't find the Pepsi Natural, but I did find this--something I didn't even know was available. Upon looking at the label, it seems that this revision of Sprite is naturally flavored, is 5% lemon juice, sweetened with sugar and also featuring rebiana; which is an extract of the calorie-free sweetening root, stevia. It appears they're trying to make a lower calorie, natural version of the lemon-lime soda. So . . . is it any good?

Hmmmm . . . well, the lemon flavoring is stronger than regular Sprite. It's pretty good overall, but it kind of tastes like regular Sprite and Sprite Zero mixed together. Now, granted it is much better than Sprite Zero or Diet Sprite, but I can't see myself buying this over and over.

Sweetened With: "sugar, rebiana (stevia)"

Verdict: Worth trying at least once
Tags: fruit sodas, lemon-lime, natural, sprite, sugar sweetened
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