Dustin, Hrair-roo (yuushi) wrote in bubbly_goodness,
Dustin, Hrair-roo

Nesbitt's Orange

Nesbitt's Orange

YET ANOTHER soda I was planning on getting from Galco's but instead found at The Fresh Market. Unfortunately though, TFM don't carry any other Nesbitt flavor, so I might have to make that Galco's order after all. In any case, I had heard of Nesbitt's some time ago, but never actually ran across it until now. Yet, I might have to review it again, as I understand that only a few of the Nesbitt bottlers use the original recipe. This might be the "modern" recipe. Odd though that it has both HFCS and sugar in the ingredients list!

Still, if the original recipe tastes better than this, it might just be the best orange soda ever, because this is pretty darn good! Nigh perfect sweetness, slightly tart. I just wish it were a bit more carbonated. Yeah, definitely one to grab if you find it!

Sweetened With: "High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar"

Verdict: Worth a case or two
Tags: corn sweetened, fruit sodas, nesbitt's, orange, sugar sweetened
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