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Dustin, Hrair-roo

Canada Dry Island Lime

Canada Dry Island Lime

Now I mentioned this soda when I reviewed A-Treat's Lime Soda, recalling how nasty this beverage was when I first tried it many years ago in comparison to that beverage from A-Treat. I said that I would review it again if I found it. Well, it seems Canada Dry saw fit to re-release this concoction with a new label (when I tried it, they were still selling it in those stumpy 16oz glass bottles), did they change the taste along with the looks?

They did. It is a lot less sweet than it used to be, and it seems like they added a little more citric acid. Is it better than it used to be? Yes. Is it any good though? No. It still tastes like they took green lollipops, like the one's they used to hand out to kiddies at banks, melted them down and added carbonated water. Maybe more carbonated water, since it's not as sweet as before.

Sweetened With: "high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar"

Verdict: Not worth your time
Tags: canada dry, corn sweetened, fruit sodas, lime, sugar sweetened
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