August 31st, 2008

  • yuushi

Havana Cola

Havana Cola

Another soda I happened upon in a Whole Foods market. The label really caught my eye with the painted maps and whatnot. Again, I'm always leery about colas since it seems it's really easy to mess these up.

However, this is stuff is darn good! Tastes like most other colas, but with a slightly earthy taste, and almost none of that not-so-nice cola aftertaste. The label reads "In 1898, during the Cuban-Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders brought to Cuba the first bottled Cola. To toast the liberation of Havana, cola and rum were combined with key lime juice for the first time. The result was the "Cuba Libre" (free Cuba.) Today, Havana Cola brings back the taste of key lime and cola to celebrate the spirit of the Rough Riders." Only thing is, I really can't taste any lime in this. I mean, even the ingredients list "key lime," but still, I really can't taste it. Not that I'm complaining, that is.

Sweetened With: "cane sugar"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two