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Boylan's Cane Cola

Boylan's Cane Cola

So now, after trying Boylan's "Natural" Cane Cola, I'm now re-trying, as I did try this once many, many years ago, their regular ol' Cane Cola. This stuff seems pretty hard to come by, as this is the first I've seen it in a store since that one time (every other time I've seen Boylan's Cola it's been the "Natural" one.) This time I found it at this WAAAAAY overpriced 24 hour gourmet food market in "The Quarter" shopping/eating area of the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City. Yeah, $2.50 for a single bottle, but the public must know the differences in the sodas! So I made the sacrifice!

To tell you the truth, while it's not worth $2.50, it's definitely better than the "Natural" cola. The ingredients don't list all those crazy fruit oils or the bourbon vanilla that the "Natural" cola had--just "natural flavors." And it works better that way, because it doesn't taste as syrupy and mediciney. I don't even detect any cinnamon. So if that turns you off to some of the more "natural" colas (but not totally natural like the other one) this might be the step up from the big boy colas you're looking for--if you can find it!

Sweetened With: "pure cane sugar"

Verdict: Worth a case or two
Tags: boylans, cola, sugar sweetened
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