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Plantation Style Mint Julep

Plantation Style Mint Julep

Didn't know what to make of this Natrona Bottling Co. product (same people who made Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme) when I ran across it at a Beverage Shop outside of Pittsburgh. A traditional Mint Julep has mint, bourbon, sugar and water. So, I really didn't know how this was really a Mint Julep. The ingredients say "carbonated water, sugar, flavor, citric acid and color." Not really telling of what you'll taste, but I was willing to try anyway.

Well, it's definitely minty. Not clear-your-sinuses kind of minty like that Tom Tucker Mint Ginger Ale, but still pretty minty. I kind of liken this to a mint-flavored, less sweet 7up or Sprite since I can taste flavors other than mint, but I can't quite place it. Not gingery, maybe kind of fruity. It's not a bad soda, really, if you like minty stuff. About the only thing I don't like about it is the color they give it. You can't notice from the green colored bottle but it's actually a bluish-green. Not quite the color of a liquid I'd want to pour down my throat!

Sweetened With: "sugar"

Verdict: Worth trying at least once
Tags: mint julep, natrona bottling, sugar sweetened
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