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Dustin, Hrair-roo

Boylan's Root Beer

Boylan's Root Beer

Why is it that you'll never see a store selling both the Boylan's Birch Beer and Root Beer? Seriously, it's extremely rare that you'll find those two products on the same shelf in the same store!!! Fortunately I found in a Wegman's Supermarket in South Jersey they had both the Birch and Root Beers for once. Crazy thing is, the root beer was near the front of the aisle (as if it were on sale, but it wasn't) while the Birch was on the regular soda space. I supposed it's one of those "never the two shall meet" situations.

In any case, this tastes . . . well, I'm kind of torn on this. I think the rooty taste is good with some bite and creamy flavor. Yet, it's really sweet. Perhaps if it has some more bite it would offset the sweetness, but as it stands--I like it, but with exceptions. It's better than most, but there are a few brands I would prefer over it.

Sweetened With: "pure cane sugar"

Verdict: Worth a bottle or two
Tags: boylans, root beer, sugar sweetened
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