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Dustin, Hrair-roo

Soho Root Beer

Soho Root Beer

Came across this big-assed can of Root Beer at a no name gas station and mini-mart in Brooklawn, NJ. If the big can seems somewhat familiar, it's because this brand is made by the same company that makes Arizona Iced Tea. Which also explains the 99 cent price on this. So it's a lot of soda, for a pretty good price. Only thing is, despite the claims of being "made with pure natural cane sugar," they're kind of misleading since it does contain sugar in the ingredients list, but also high fructose corn syrup! In any case, I still held out some hope that this would be somewhat good since it says it is naturally flavored as well.

It is pretty good. Nice rooty flavor. Some bite. Kinda on the sweet side. Only thing about it--well it's hard to explain. While the rooty flavor hits you right as it hits your palate, it just kinda dies off in a moment or two and tastes kinda like a cola! Weird, but not a deal breaker. For 99 cents, I'd definitely take this 23oz can of Root Beer over an overpriced 20oz bottle of one of the Big Boy Root Beers!

Sweetened With: "sugar, high fructose corn syrup"

Verdict: Worth a can or two
Tags: corn sweetened, natural, root beer, soho, sugar sweetened
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