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Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme

Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme

I first ran into this fruit soda stopping at this tourist trap of a restaurant and shop a little bit outside of the East side of Pittsburgh, PA; just off of the PA Turnpike (where I just had to try the alligator they had on their menu!) Bottled by the Natrona Bottling Company of Natrona, PA it's unlikely you'd find this outside of the Western Pennsylvania area. Sweetened with cane sugar, it's probably the only cherry soda I've come across to claim so.

Glass-bottled, so that's a plus right there. On a History Channel "Modern Marvels" episode which spoke of carbonated beverages, there was this soda store owner out in California who special ordered this soda. He called it "the cherry-est of cherry sodas." I'm inclined to agree. It's almost like a liquefied, carbonated cherry jolly rancher. Just the right amount of tartness and bite to offset the sweetness. It's too bad it's so hard to come by, but I suppose the rarity of an item leads one to appreciate it more, no?

Sweetened With: "sugar"

Verdict: worth a case or two
Tags: cherry, fruit sodas, red ribbon, sugar sweetened
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